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Introducing the Student Notion Template – your secret weapon for acing academics, managing your schedule, and staying on top of campus life!

All-in-one dashboard:

  • A master calendar and table that is then divided into sections to solely focus on lectures, notes, assignments, exams, projects, and events.
  • A course navigation section that has 8 pre-built courses.
  • Tracker section to monitor your progress toward graduation or your degree
  • A to-do list section
  • An events section to keep track of your club meetings, or any other events you have going on
  • A resource section to house important links or documents that you need to pull up often and quickly, like your online course sites or email.
  • A course schedule section so you can quickly reference what courses you have each day, the times, and the location.

Master Calendars & Tables:

On the dashboard and within each course is a master calendar and master table. These are all linked. The one on the dashboard you can click on lectures, notes, assignments, projects, exams, or events to see a calendar for just those specific items. Within each course the calendar and table are filtered for just that course. Within in each section you have a table that is filtered for that specific course and type. Keep track of everything for your courses!

8 pre-built courses:

Course information sections include: course code, semester, start and end date, days, time, location, credits, syllabus, website, instructor name, instructor office location, instructor phone, instructor email, office hours

A navigation area to reach your course materials, resources, lectures, notes, assignments, projects, exams, and grade calculator

Master calendar and table for each course

Degree/Graduation Tracker:

To-do, in progress, and completed columns will hold all the courses that you need to graduate or get your degree. You can easily move them between columns. You can also view these in table format to see more details about the courses and sum up your credits.

Course Schedule:

Quickly glance at your color-coded course schedule to see which classes you have on which day, the time, and the location of them.

To - Do List

A quick and simple section to keep track of all the random to-dos you have in a day


Keep track of all your events that are going on in this designated section.


There are so many websites, graphics, databases, email, etc. that you have to regularly visit as a student. Keep this in one space to quickly navigate to them when needed.

You Will Need

  • Access to Notion with either a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • A Notion account (you can sign up for a free personal plan!)
  • Basic understanding of how Notion works

How Does It Work

  1. Purchase the template
  2. You will receive a link to the template and need to go to it
  3. Duplicate the template
  4. Start planning!

Terms of Use

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Student Notion Template

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Notion Student Template

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