Notion Degree or Graduation Tracker Template


Streamline your degree progress with the Notion Degree Tracker

Looking for a comprehensive solution to effortlessly manage and track your degree or graduation progress? Look no further! Introducing the Notion Degree Tracker - your all-in-one tool to stay organized, motivated, and in control of your academic journey.


  • Board view - Grouped into columns of not started, in progress and completed courses are the courses, semester you took it or plan to take it, and requirement type it fulfills for your degree. In this view you can easily drag a course from one column to the other as you complete your academic journey.
  • Table views - Master table, requirement type table, semester table, and status table.
    • Master table - Here you will find all the courses in one table where you will see the details of each like course name, term, date range, course code, requirement type, hours, and status. Your credit hours will automatically be summed up at the bottom.
    • Requirement type table - Never search through your courses again wondering whether you took a certain class to fulfill certain degree requirements like a general education core requirement. In this table, courses are grouped by the requirement that they fulfill and your credit hours are automatically summed at the bottom.
    • Semester table - All courses are grouped by the semester that they were taken so that you can quickly reference when you took what course. Credit hours are summed up for each semester.
    • Status table - Like the board view, this one groups your courses into not started, in progress, or done. Unlike the board view, you can see all your course information here and sum up your credit hours.

You Will Need

  • Access to Notion with either a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet
  • A Notion account (you can sign up for a free personal plan!)
  • Basic understanding of how Notion works

How Does It Work

  1. Purchase the template
  2. You will receive a link to the template and need to go to it
  3. Duplicate the template
  4. Start tracking!

Terms of Use

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Notion Degree or Graduation Tracker Template

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Notion Degree or Graduation Tracker Template

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